Do’s & Don’ts

Avraa Do's & Don'ts





Car - Scooter & Campervan "Do's & Don'ts"

At Avraa we don't need to try harder as we take pride in supplying you good clean and reliable cars, scooters and campervans that are used by many people of all ages and nationalities worldwide, so we have a couple of rules you will need to follow to help keep our vehicles as good as you found them ready for the next people to enjoy. The main one which is a rule, but more common sense. If you go to the beach PLEASE wash all the sand of your belongings, shoes, and feet etc, as it's really difficult to get out the vehicle on returning it. Plus there's an added cleaning charge. Thanks for your understanding.

Rule #1 – “NO SMOKING IN THE CARS & VANS”  we feel this is the best rule to start with

Rule #2 – Make sure everything you use comes back clean! otherwise, it will cost you for us to clean them

Rule #3 – All van equipment is to come back in a clean and reliable condition (if you are not sure what to bring back then just follow the inventory checklist opposite that's in the van) remember what you damage you pay for – we feel this is more common sense for everyone

Rule #4 – Damage to van equipment; If a certain van item is damaged then we need to know immediately so we can have it replaced ready for the next person

Rule #5 – Pre Start; Check the cars scooters & campervans engine oil levels and radiator levels every two days for short trips, or every day for long trips “DO THIS FIRST THING IN THE MORNING WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD AND HAS NOT BEEN STARTED” check all the lights on the vehicle each day before you drive off anywhere, remember it is the responsibility of the operator to maintain their vehicle when operating it (you wouldn’t want to pay for a blown-up motor now would you!)

Rule #6 - Be sure to clean the van after your pets, this means any animal hair, dirt or whatever - otherwise you may lose your pet bond for cleaning purposes

Rule #7 - Make sure you leave nothing of the value of your personal possessions in any of the vehicles

Rule #8 - With our scooters:- be sure that the helmets come back with no damage or major scratches, wheel locks are returned or you will be charged for loss or damage, enclosed footwear and appropriate dress attire is mandatory in Australia - so no open shoes or singlets or "no hire" and remember to bring them back full of fuel and undamaged